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2006 to present: Web Application Development & System Administration os Commerce Zen-Cart customization (via: PHP, SOAP, nu SOAP, XML, WSDL, adodb, My SQL, curl, cron): Custom integration with fullfilment contractor, "ALOM" Custom integration with Fed Ex shipment tracking Custom scripting on 'thank you' page to support conversion (ROI) tracking via apache logfile analysis with "Clicktracks" gif method requires using a file 'ct_ecommerce.gif' and the parameter 'ct_ecommerce' for the revenue amount) Created gk_formmail - a very flexible HTML form processing script based on "tectite formmail" includes the following enhancements to "tectite formmail": All configuration options removed from HTML forms to PHP config files resulting in: Enhanced security (tectite formmail tries very hard to work around a basic design flaw - leaving script configuration open to user input) Separation of business logic from presentation (tectite formmail leaves most configuration logic in HTML domain, including things such as regular expressions for field validation that should be exclusively in the PHP domain and unavailable to hackers) Separation of form configuration from core logic, via separate files for each form handler (tectite formmail required different configurations use a separate copy of the entire script, resulting in a potential maintenance nightmare; gk_formmail.php, in contrast, is designed as one core logic file that serves unlimited forms, via independent config files) Optional suppression of all output in 'quiet mode', allowing self-validating php forms instead of more complex multi-file redirection (tectite formmail typically redirects to 'error page' or 'thank you page' whereas gk_formmail offers the possibility of a single form script functioning in various modes, via use of global variables containing error message and other info) Global auto-validation for email or other fields, avoiding the need for tectite formmail's redundant configuration (via complex regular expressions) embedded in each form Improved organization of programming style (tectite formmail logic scattered function definitions throughout main code logic, resulting in difficult maintenance and debugging) Jangomail customization and debugging Management of databases and data collection in support of mass email newsletter publications and subscription management Design of database system to retain control of subscriber records, independent of both jangomail and zen-cart Dialog with Jangomail programmers to resolve jangomail failure to perform variable substitution of email template values Implemented workaround for their Jangomail failure to conformance to ANSI SQL 'datetime' standard format Testing of major error modes, email bounce handling, subscribe, unsubscribe, database syncronization, notifications (keywords: w_4.php, cron, My SQL) Systems analysis, design and project cost estimation Client required system redesign of online shopping cart system to integrate with Macola ERP and multiple existing web shopping cart and various consumer, reseller dataflows Misc: Diagnosed methods of various spambot attacks via apache logfiles Implemented custom anti-spam solution for "PHPbb" PHP, Java Script) DNS admin via BIND 9.2.1 named.conf; zone file modifications PHP security auditing; enhanced security via httpd.conf, modifications, etc.Data migration of newsletter subscribers for Outlook Express CSV files to My SQL via PHP, bash, perl regular expressions Cutom PHP code library development for shared use by multiple domains Apache configuration management, integration with "Plesk" websrvmng Custom wrapper to provide enhancements for Plesk logfile rotation script, /psa/admin/sbin/statistics (a 'black box' which calls webalizer and logrotate) Custom scripting to support efficient server backup on daily and weekly basis and notification of status (via bash, rsync, tar, cron) System software upgrades using rpm, yum, make Search engine optimization Firewall and router configuration Disaster recovery: server crashes; out of disc space; corrupted Plesk database; loss of apache, DNS info, email, etc.The populations are known to have differed in their nutrition.The Eskimo, with a high-protein diet, exhibited the most frequent type II remodeling, whereas the Pueblo, with a low-protein diet, showed the least.Cross sections of intracortical bone revealed differences among three early American populations—Eskimo, Arikara, and Pueblo—in the frequency of a form of remodeling called, here, type II.This remodeling appears to occur exclusively within the walls of haversian canals of well-mineralized osteons.Type II remodeling probably reflects the physiological state of the group.Variation in frequency of classic intracortical bone remodeling was not apparent.

I've made this fix for the community of PHP-FUSION.What was missing is the PHP-FUSION v 7 connection with the usernames stored in the Mysql Database, there is a new version of PHP-FUSION v7.01.05 and it should also work with this integration ..So I decided to fix the integration and finally was able to finish it, the team of PHP-FUSION changed the way to encrypt the user password.. You can download the integration and drop it in the right place in your Flaschat 6.0.8 or you can copy paste the below code..Flashchat is a very nice Chat interface made with flash..I really like it a lot one of the most full featured FLASH CHAT there is although in beta stage as it is right now is really complete and stable..

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cat=249 Extensive customization and automation of "XCart" cart system to meet business requirements Integrated shopping cart user-interface with existing site design using HTML, CSS, PHP and template system: Smarty Implemented and designed extensions to a software license server using encrypted protocol over HTTP, similar to Solo Server System administration: maintenance and installation of server software (Linux, Apache, Samba, My SQL, PHP); improved the security of web servers, databases, filesystems and firewalls (https, iptables); user accounts (shell, ftp, email); mirroring (rsync, ntp, bash, gnu make) May, 2003: Conference Speaker, Amsterdam, Netherlands International PHP Conference Topic: "Doing Less At Run-Time: PHP Pre-Processing with XMake" Book chapter on xmake: (choose format) Microsoft Word Open Office Slides: 2002 to July, 2004: Instructor of Computer Technologies and Web Design The Aptos Academy Taught computer classes to elementary and middle school students Network & Hardware config, maintenance: approx 20 Mac, PC, Linux workstations; Pipeline 50 router config, various hubs, switches. Designed and developed 'Bug Reporter', a Macintosh application written in Symantec C , Visual Architect and Think Class Library 2.0, which provides an interface for beta testers to report bugs and automatically collects data about hardware and software environments on the test platform.