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Dating fatboy eastenders

After all, we didn’t see his body, and instead, only saw Vincent opening the boot of his car – which was about to be crushed – grimacing, then pulling out Fatboy’s blingtastic ‘F’ necklace… So we know that Fatboy’s necklace was in the boot, but again, we didn’t see his body.

All we had to go on that implied Fatboy was dead was Vincent’s shocked and emotional reaction, however, let’s also not forget that when Ronnie implored him to tell her who was – mistakenly, given it was supposed to be Vincent in there – in the boot, he told her that no-one was.

Although Fatboy won't be the only star from Eastenders to visit Devon this year as Steve Mc Fadden aka Phil Mitchell will also be heading to a Devon nightclub.

The Eastenders star will be appearing at Fever & Boutique nightclub in Barnstaple this summer (although a date hasn't been confirmed yet).

A meet and greet will cost £6 per person and no tracksuits or baseball caps are allowed.

Entry to the club is FREE before 10pm, £4 between 10pm and midnight and £5 after midnight.

The film, which was recorded on Skype, saw him smoking cannabis and performing a sex act.“Ricky Norwood has been suspended from the show for a period of 2 months with immediate effect,” an ’ viewers for any offence caused and for bringing the show into disrepute.”The video is thought to have been filmed by a woman that the 28-year-old met online.

The soap actor will be heading to Rosie's in Exeter to host "the biggest party in Exeter" on Saturday, June 17, between 7pm and 3.30am.

Fatboy tragically found himself in the friend zone with both Whitney and Mercy, while his hopes of securing himself a cougar in Denise were short lived.

But Fatboy finally found the girl of his dreams in Poppy, and saved up to move in together...

He didn't mind being locked up as it was time away from her screaming in his face.

You might expect his best mate to be an Asbo-wielding ex-con, but it is in fact bible-bashing octogenarian Dot Branning, who prefers to address him by his real name.

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As The Square’s ϋber cute couple continued to save, Poppy found a seemingly perfect new build near her parents, outside of London.