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In 2000, Michelle released a Mandarin solo album Upfront with Sony-owned Epic Records.She then starred in Meteor Garden 流星花園 2 with Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu, Vic Chou and Barbie Hsu, and gained popularity all over Southeast Asia in this widely successful series, ushering in a new era of Taiwanese “idol” dramas.

As the sole survivor, she tries to uncover the truth behind the tragedy, but she instead discovers that each of her family member harbours a huge and dark secret, and their relationship is not what it seems.

But of course there are two sides to a story and according to this report, the “assistant” claimed that Tang Yan (now, that’s better) suffered a lot for Roy’s sake.

While I never liked Tang Yan, I do agree with a comment on that report that she does not deserve to be treated this way especially if it is true that he cheated on her.

Celebrity weddings can be lavish and over-the-top and Ady’s definitely is up there in terms of how much money she and her billionaire hubby must have spent to pay for everything, including all expenses for the Hawaii wedding guests.

It’s their money to spend and I’m just here to gawk at more famous Taiwanese stars attending her Taipei wedding banquet held at the exquisite Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

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