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Kat dennings michael cera dating

They are her outfit of choice while at home in LA, on breaks between filming the forthcoming indie drama Arlen Faber and the new Robert Rodriguez action comedy Shorts.

The term “indie” has had less and less to do with a DIY work ethic or lack of corporate funding, and though a handful of major studios have cut their “art house” divisions in the past year, the sensibility still remains.

While trying to woo Martha Mac Isaac, his love interest in Superbad, Cera went about proving his undying devotion by accidentally punching her in the boob, refusing to sleep with her after she got drunk at a party, and helping her pick out a comforter at the mall the next day.

Given that he was headed to college in a few months anyway, that one probably didn’t make it past the end of the summer.

“Sure, I have my moments,” says the star of the nocturnal comedy Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, gazing curiously down at herself, and at the shimmering black sleeveless mini-dress she’s chosen for today’s movie promotion — though she wears it, slouched forward here in a Toronto hotel room, with the sweetly sullen mien of a teenage tomboy who’s been forced to dress up for daddy.

“But if you want to know the truth, I’d rather be at home in my pyjamas.”Pyjamas, it soon transpires, play a big part in the life of Dennings.

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