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Standards too high dating

It was once village matchmakers who joined marriageable folk, and sometimes they joined people whose temperaments were at odds.Couples were expected to cope with their incompatibilities and grow closer -- or not -- with the passage of time. You crave a ready match and your compatibility list is firm (loves dogs, plays chess, financially independent).After all, especially when it comes to a relationship, you want to be with someone who is the best possible match for you in terms of personality, kindness, intelligence, looks, spirituality, etc.

Sometimes the unexpected people are the ones we end up getting along with best! We like to think that falling in love just happens or that you’ll randomly meet your soulmate in the back of a limo.Sure there are going to be ups and downs but in you usually you’ll end up with the person you are suppose to be with, right?But how willing you are to modify or even disregard that list?I'm not talking about the lists on which phrases such as "always puts down the toilet seat" or "admires my off-key singing" appear. How will anyone who is ruled by a list ever find a satisfactory partner?

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Do you dream too big when thinking about potential relationship partners?

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